Wastewater treatment plant Kötschach-Mauthen

Wastewater treatment plant Kötschach-Mauthen

In 2000 EVN Abfallverwertung NÖ took over the operational management of the wastewater Treatment plant.

While two employees look after this wastewater treatment plant, the central operations management of EVN Abfallverwertung NÖ takes care of purchasing, operational processes, and any other aspects of technical and commercial operations management. The two sewage plant operators receive support in case of elaborate inspection and maintenance work.  

EVN Abfallverwertung has been managing all wastewater treatment plants and 45 km of sewer system, including 4 km of pressure pipelines, 4 decentral small-scale sewage plants and 21 pumping stations since 2005.


Technical specifications

Operations model wastewater treatment plant and sewer system
  Figure Unit
Wastewater treatment plant capacity 7000 EW
Sewer system (new) - -
Total investments 1,6 m
Construction time 6 months
First operation 2000 2000 -
Special plant components Activation basin with lamella separator/secondary clarifier