Visiting the thermal waste utilisation plant Dürnrohr

Visiting the thermal waste utilisation plant Dürnrohr

The extensive offer of EVN Abfallverwertung NÖ for adults and children of ten years and older has been attracting about 5000 visitors per year.

Guided tours of the thermal waste utilisation plant

Visitors are guided along a special safe route all across the plant to offer them a glimpse into the technology and history of EVN Abfallverwertung NÖ. The first stop is a glass panorama lift to the plant’s top floor with excellent views of the Dürnrohr thermal power station and the town of Zwentendorf. The visitors may discover a waste and furnace tunnel, the 40,000 m³ waste bunker, and the boiler house with its three furnaces of 40 metres. Moreover, there are films on the construction of the plant, a detailed plant chart with films on all the areas of the plant, and displays showing the background story of the project.

General information:

Guided tours of EVN Abfallverwertung NÖ are offered every Thursday and Friday morning except for inspection times and upon prior registration for children of at least 10 years of age. Such tours are exclusively available to closed groups of up to 25 visitors.
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