Energy concept

Energy concept

A combination of environmentally responsible waste disposal and the exploitation of energy contained in the waste.

Energetic interplay

The Zwentendorf location near the coal and gas power station makes it possible to exploit all the energy contained in waste. The water vapour produced in the waste utilisation plant is directed to the adjacent Dürnrohr power station to generate electricity for 170,000 households, supply the community of Zwentendorf and the Lower Austrian capital of St. Pölten with district heating, and provide industrial process steam to the AGRANA bioethanol plant. The water vapour is either transferred directly to the steam system of the EVN coal unit or – if the unit is not in operation – used to power two separate steam turbines. Waste has about the same thermal value as brown coal, which makes it a valuable, alternative source of energy.

This energetic interplay leads to the following benefits with regard to sustainability and resource conservation:

• Substitution of fossil fuel
• Reduction of emissions and greenhouse effect
• Improvement of the carbon footprint
• High energy efficiency

EVN Abfallverwertung Niederösterreich saves 100,000 tons of coal as well as 10 million m³ of natural gas every year, and reaches an R1 energy efficiency level of 0.84 – 0.88.