Waste products

Waste products

The following amounts of waste products are left after incineration per ton of waste:
  • ca. 250 kg slag

The slag is processed externally and disposed of at landfills for residual materials. Before the slag is processed, however, it is deposited for some time until about 5 % of residual metals (FE, NE) can be extracted at the stationary treatment plant. The remaining slag is then disposed of.   

  • ca. 25 kg scrap

The scrap is used in the metal industry.

  • ca. 20 kg boiler ash and ca. 30 kg filter ash

The boiler and filter ash is mixed with certain aggregates to solidify it before it is disposed of at a landfill. 

  • ca. 1 kg filter cake

The filter cake is solidified and disposed of at a landfill.

  • ca. 0.32 m³ clean water

The cleaned water is discharged into the Danube through an outlet channel. 

  • ca. 4 kg plaster

The plaster is used in the construction materials industry.